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Oklahoma State University

Our Facility

Oklahoma State University's Design and Manufacturing Lab
1724 W. Tyler, Stillwater OK

DML Manager:  John Gage

OkState Racing’s office and workshop are both located in the Oklahoma State University Design and Manufacturing Lab (DML). We share the space with other student clubs and research facilities, such as Cowboy Racing (SAE Baja team), AIAA Rocketry, and the Aerospace manufacturing labs. The DML is also home to a machine shop, wood shop, welding shop, and other manufacturing facilities available to all students who have completed the required training.

Our shop features a Dyno table for engine testing, a composites manufacturing area, welding equipment (Mig and Tig), two assembly tables, air compressor, and shelves of spare parts and scrap metal.  We use a variety of standard shop tools, air tools, and power tools as well.