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Oklahoma State University


Technical Specifications:
Suspension: unequal a-arm w/ push-rod actuated, horizontally oriented spring and damper
Frame: Professionally cut 4130 chromoly space frame
Engine: Yamaha YFZ 450R
Cooling: Water
Electronics: Performance Electronics 3
Fuel Type: 93 Octane Gasoline
Fuel System: Fuel-injected, w/ external fuel pump and pressure regulator
Drive: Chain w/ Taylor Racing FSAE differential
Competition Weight: 406 lbs

2011 CNG

In the summer of 2011, the OKstate racing team decided to convert a previous competition car to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). With the assistance of Tulsa Gas Technologies (TGT), the conversion was completed with only a few modifications made to the fuel and engine. All other aspects of the car remain in compliance with FSAE rules.

The car was tested at the Central Tech Driver Training course in Drumirght, OK. On June 29th, the team completed a 24 hour run at the nearby Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. The car completed 328 laps of the 1.8 mile circuit. The distance traveled (590 miles) in 2011 was the farthest any FSAE car has ever completed, nonetheless while running on CNG.

Volunteer drivers were selected and were assigned shifts throughout the day. The car was refueled from CNG tanks mounted on pick-up trucks that had hauled it in from nearby cities. 

2012 CNG

In 2012, the team continued with work on the CNG car by increasing the cars range and efficiency. The modified car was again taken out to the Hallett Circuit and run for 24 hours. This time, the car completed 428 laps (770 miles) setting new records. The team fought with suspension failures throughout the day, but no failures in the power or drivetrain. 

The car has now been retired and is on display in the team’s shop.