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Oklahoma State University

2014 Competition Car

Technical Specifications:

Suspension: unequal a-arm w/ push-rod actuated, horizontally oriented spring and damper
Frame: Professionally cut 4130 chromoly space frame
Engine: Yamaha YFZ 450R
Cooling: Water
Electronics: Performance Electronics 3
Fuel Type: 93 Octane Gasoline
Fuel System: Fuel-injected, w/ external fuel pump and pressure regulator
Drive: Chain w/ Taylor Racing FSAE differential
Competition Weight: 406 lbs


This Year:
Like the year before it, the 2013 model car is an evolutionary change from the original 2011 design. Almost all components on this version are the same as the year before it. This time though, the focus was build quality and weight savings. 

The frame was professionally CNC cut by Cartesian and mailed to us to be welded together. This finally gave us a frame with nearly perfect symmetry throughout the entire frame. This allowed the suspension to be more or less the same geometry at each corner unlike previous years due to frame warping.

The other focus of 2013 was the engine. In previous years, the engine and tuning was always an afterthought as just getting the car built came first. 2013 was the first year that the engine was actually tuned for our custom plenum and restrictor set-up. Because of this, the 2013 saw huge increases in power output and engine performance from previous years. And because the previous cars ran on the same engine set-up, the 2013 tunes were rolled back onto those cars making them even faster.