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Oklahoma State University

2012 Competition Car

Technical Specifications:
Suspension: unequal a-arm w/ push-rod actuated, horizontally oriented spring and damper
Frame: 4130 chromoly space frame
Engine: Yamaha YFZ 450R
Cooling: Water
Electronics: Performance Electronics 3
Fuel Type: 93 Octane Gasoline
Fuel System: Fuel-injected, w/ external fuel pump and pressure regulator
Drive: Chain w/ Taylor Racing FSAE differential
Competition Weight: 417 lbs
This Year:
As the previous year's (2011) car was a completely new design, the 2012 model year would be an evolution of the model before it. Instead of designing a new car completely from scratch the new car would use largely the same design frame and many of the same components from the engine to the uprights and wheels.

Although many parts stayed the same from the previous year, major parts like the differential and ECU were upgraded from the previous year. The 2012 became an exercise in stepping up the quality and drivability of the car. A completely new suspension geometry was designed for this car making it much more controllable than the year before it. And even though the car packed on some weight, the added quality and drivability make the weight gain justifiable.