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Oklahoma State University

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The Purge

Sunday, January 24 2016

In order to start the new year off right, the team gathered in the shop to clean, rearrange, and empty the shop of unnecessary clutter.

The results of "The Purge of 2016" are optimized, accessible work-spaces, a more organized environment, and a shop that is more conducive to productive work time.

Open Area:  old car storage and build table, composites facitlities, parts and materials storage

Restricted Area:  jig table, welding equipment, dyno table, electronics

Alumni Day

Tuesday, November 10 2015

OkState Racing hosted its first Alumni Day of the 2015-2016 racing season, on Sunday the 8th, the same weekend that the Cowboys went 9-0 in a thrilling game against TCU in Boone Pickens Stadium.  Several alumni traveled to Stillwater to contribute to the annual Design Presentations, which are held to review the new designs and overall goals for each new race season/car.  The team also hosted a small driving event for the alumni to be able to get back behind the wheel of the cars that they built.

All of the technical teams presented their plans for the 2016 competition car, and were reviewed by their peers, advisors, and the alumni to ensure that all challenges and benefits of the designs were explored and that they could be easily defended at competition.

Still Loyal, Still True

Tuesday, November 10 2015

On Saturday morning the streets  of Stillwater were lined with excited alumni, students, and fans of OSU, to watch the 2015 OSU Homecoming Parade.  We revved up the cowboy spirit with ‘15, ‘14,  and ‘13 competition cars, driven by Isaiah Walker (president), Connor Wagner, and Melisa Bruno.  The crowd response was very positive, and we were more proud than ever to be a part of the Cowboy Family!